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               JEasy - a framework for JAVA applications using XML
Redesign of JEasy !!!


JEasy 3.0 as shareware and for commercial use --- JEasy 2.4 is OpenSource under GPL

After 7 years development and nice projects it was time for a redesign of the classes and the repository.

JEasy 3.0 is the new enhanced generation writing Swing applications. And there is a new home:

Please have a look at

We had ideas and requirements which couldn't be implemented in the old jeasy object hierarchy.
The new object model and the enhanced implementation of the jeasy components offers
  • more performance
  • advanced team work
  • enables cloning of jeasy objects
  • opportunities to create GUI components dynamically
  • uses the java locale to switch language or customer specific rules at runtime
  • new events for context help
  • offers a predefined statusbar
  • more quality in your source using constants
  • needs and uses java 1.5 or higher

Please visit
JEasy 3.0 is realeased since June of 2009!

Summary JEasy 2.4

  • JEasy is the easiest way to create windows-like java-programs and applets for JAVA platforms
  • JEasy uses the Swing components
  • All GUI components are stored in an XML file
  • Use the JEasy Repository to define all components and forms. Use the preview to see the result at once
  • Import the library jeasy.jar to build the GUI with a few lines of code
  • Use JEasy messages to bring XML in your forms and vice versa
  • Use the JEasy automation api to test your application
  • Try out different look&feels with colors, gradient paint, texture paint and themes
  • Define methodinvocations in XML and use them in your business objects at the server
  • Use the new project wizard to build your first application
Have a look to the Repository and the example by starting the applets JEasy Repository and Example

Download JEasy version 2.4

JEasy Version 2.4 works best with the JAVATM 2 SDK v 1.4 to v 1.6.0_05 download from

How to call the JEasyRepository from eclipse
Instructions how to launch from eclipse

The JEasy Repository

The JEasy Repository is the greatest tool to design Swing GUI's. The preview shows the layout at once.

What is new in JEasy version 2.4

  • JEasy is now Open Source under the GPL License

What is new in JEasy version 2.3

  • Multiple filter for JETable columns
  • New JEFormat to format fields (date, currency, ...) when serializing and deserializing in messages
  • New properties in treenode to define closedIcon, leafIcon and openIcon for each node
  • New menu Refactor in the JEasyRepository to delete all objects without a reference to other objects
  • Mandatory propertie for input objects. When the examine method of those objects is called it returns an error if the input field is not filled with data
  • New method examineMessage() for JEMessage. For all input objects the method examine() is called. The method returns a XML String containing the JEasyId and the error. Using this method it is very easy to check all input fields defined in a JEMessage
  • Register your own JECallBack to a panel. All events are send to this class. This helps to write source code for the GUI by several developpers
  • JEButton: new properties rolloverBackground and rolloverForeground
  • JEAutomation: new method waitmsec to delay some msec.
  • JEAutomation: new method selectTabbedPane to select a panel of the tabbedPane.
  • JETabbedPane: setSelectedObject to select a panel of the tabbedPane.
  • JETable: new methods int getColumnWidth(int col), TableColumn getColumn(int col)
  • JEDynamicContainer: enhanced interface
  • JEHttpConnector: checks for timeout of a session
BugFixes in Version 2.3
  • Sum of negativ values.
  • a lot of more

What we are working for the next versions

  • Redesign of the jeasy classes to reduce code for faster loading
  • Clone of jeasy objects
  • Building applications out of a description of business objects and properties
  • Small xml database
  • Storing objects in a database for simultan work in one project
  • JEasy server for developing in groups
  • ...

An example application in source code

The JEasy/examples/ is the source of a Jeasy application.
It demonstrates JEAutomation, JDBC, Client/Server over http with XML, Tables, Dynamic Panels, ....
Please run JEasy/examples/RunExample.bat after downloading.

Projects with JEasy:

  • the German Post uses JEasy in a Client/Server project

  • over 200 hundred panels were designed within a few months

  • the JEasy Thin Client was built out of less than 3.000 lines of code

  • JEasy XML-messages out of panels are send by RMI

  • the GUI out of 500 JEasy components is stored in an XML file

An example project in different layout

  • All GUI elements are designed with the Repository

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