JEasy - a framework for JAVA applications using XML


Launching the JEasyRepository from eclipse

Download the eclipse version 3.0.0
Please download the new version from and install it.
The new version of eclipse has a new look and feel.

A) Run the JEasyRepository as an external tool

Select External Tools from the menu Run.

Fill out the form with the directorys where JEasy was installed.

B) Associate .xml with the JEasyRepository

Select Preferences form the menu Window.
In Workbench - File Associations mark *.xml and press Add.
Choose External Programs and Browse to the directory where JEasy is installed.
Select the filetype *.bat and choose the file RunRepositoryFromEclipse.bat
Edit the batch file if JEasy ist not installed in c:\java\jeasy


cd \
cd java
cd jeasy
java -cp .;JEasyRepository.jar com.cbse.jeasyr.JEasyRepository %1 %2

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